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Koffeman Consult BV


“Koffeman Consult BV” is a typical ZZP company which means, Independent without personnel. This does not mean that the company cannot provide any personnel. Through Koffeman’s extensive network many specialists in the Salvage- and Marine Industry, both nautical and technical, are offering their services to Koffeman Consult BV, as such ensuring the professional back-up of Koffeman Consult BV.

Clients of Koffeman Consult BV are amongst others:

  • Ship Owners / Managers
  • Hull and Machinery Underwriters
  • Protection and Indemnity Clubs (P&I Clubs)
  • Salvage Companies
  • Tug owning Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Surveying Companies
  • Oil Majors

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Inschrijf Formulier Crisis Management Scheepvaart

Inschrijf Formulier Crisis Management Scheepvaart

HET SEMINAR ! Binnenkort wordt er weer een Seminar georganiseerd. Een Twee-daags Seminar waarbij U  kennis neemt van de recente ontwikkelingen in Hulpverlening en Berging waarbij tevens de gelegenheid geboden zal worden met de Experts van gedachte te wisselen over uw eigen ervaringen op dit gebied. Klik hier voor de VOORWAARDEN VAN INSCHRIJVING Continue Reading

Pocket Salvage

Pocket Salvage

Koffeman Consult BV published “POCKET SALVAGE”, a practical, pocket size book relevant information about Salvage of Ships, including Conventions, Contracts, Guidelines, and data of important Organizations and Unions active in Shipping. The price of “POCKET SALVAGE” is Euro 22,50 (inclusive of VAT and of mailing costs) Continue Reading

Register now for the course: Crisis Management Sea transport - click on the banner below.

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The actions taken during the initial stage of a casualty are crucial for the end result.

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